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September 23rd, 2010

06:01 pm - Mail!!
 Today has been a good day as in I got the two balaclavas I ordered online a week early, plus my camera battery charger came in and it also has a car charger! Cool! Also yesterday my Halloween Dracula's Ball tickets came in.  Dracula's Ball is an even at Club Shampoo in Philly that has vendors, 2 live bands and a couple DJs.  It's like the more expansive version of Nocturne Wednesdays there.  I have to get crackin' at finishing my halloween outfit.  I still need to order a few things but no rush in regards to that.  Along witht he tickets came a few flyers and the one that caught my eye was I <3 Industrial, which I've been to before.  This time I'm going to wear something much more comfortable if we go (I hope we do).

I finally tried my hand at making phone charms.  I have yet to buy the mini lanyards for them, but I did make resin molds and they turned out pretty well.  I also got done making the rest of the resin eye molds for the fursuit head.  I just need to paint them.  This weekend is gonna be super busy :D 

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September 12th, 2010

12:35 pm
 Well this morning was adventurous.  I woke up to find that it was pretty quiet.  No cats running around, fighting or crying.  It was nice for all of 30 seconds when I realized something was wrong.  I called for Fabio and Raveboy but no response so I checked the kitchen and low and behold, the backdoor was open.  So my oldest and my youngest kitties escaped into the morning rain.  Thankfully the rain put a damper (ha!) on their plans and they didn't go far.  I kept calling for them and Raveboy would respond but I couldn't tell where he was since it was extremely noisy outside this morning. Think crows cawing, planes going by (Philadelphia airport is really close) and cars being loud from the main street.  I found Fabio pretty quickly as he was hiding in some brush, trying to keep dry.  I tried to beckon him out but he would have none of that and I couldn't reach him either.  Well, it was at this time I decided to get Marc so he could grab Fabio while I still searched for Raveboy.  So I went in through the front and Marc wasn't in the bedroom, wasn't in the living room or bathroom (we have 4 rooms total: bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen ).  He was in the kitchen going out through the back door.  Awesome! He's gonna help me! Except he had no shoes on.  So I go back down the stairs (we live on the second floor.  It was a house converted into apartments) and there's fabio slowly coming out of his hiding spot.  So I grabbed him all while still calling for Rave and only getting faint responses. I decided to bring Fabio back in and continue to look for Rave, but what do I see at the bottom of the steps, but a wet, freaked out kitten bawling his eyes out for his mommy.  So I scooped Raveboy up in one arm with Fabio in my other and toss them back into the warm, dry kitchen.  They then pretended they didn't cause me any grief and went straight to the food bowl.  With a sigh of relief, I went to go and get on my computer when I realized, Little Man was now missing! Thankfully he was just hiding and came out after 5 minutes to eat.  

Luckily, now that we have a new landlord of a sort, we now have a maintenance man.  If I get a chance I'm going to ask him to make fix the back screen door so I can keep the inner door open for fresh air and not have to worry about escapees. 

Also as a side note, Ravboy now enjoys climbing up my back to perch on my shoulders.  He's already pretty big for being about 6 months old.  He decided to wrap himself around my shoulders one night and I knew I needed a picture of it. 

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July 26th, 2010

02:59 pm - Otakon!!!
 So Otakon is this week and I still have some sewing to get done.  I managed to get all of my outfits done and just need to finish up Marc's dino outfit :D  Also need to bang out some blue and white dreadies.   So even though I didn't get a table at Otakon, I'm still selling $175 worth of stuff and that's not including the masks.  I have all but one commission done which I just received last night, so that's going to be the first thing I work on when I get home.  Very excited for the con :D      RAWR !! 

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July 8th, 2010

11:13 am - Raveboy
 So we got our kitten Monday and brought him home and the whole drive home he was crying and trying to get out of his box.  We didn;t get the little black one we wanted, but a male tabby instead.  When we got home instead of putting him in a room and letting the other cats acclimate to his smell I just held him up next to them so they could get used to him more quickly.  Fabio didn't mind too much and only hissed once so that was a pretty good success.  When I held Raveboy up to Little Man, Man just meowed so that went over smoothly.  Raveboy then ran full speed around the apartment, sliding across the wood floor because he didn't know how to properly stop, but that's ok since it's a good source of amusement :D Raveboy likes to pounce on Little Man's tail a lot, but Man doesn't like it all that much.  They do seem to all get along well enough, and that was one of my biggest worries.  

Raveboy started teething this morning, so I woke up to a kitty nibbling on my toes.  He kept attacking my feet and hands and when I'd pet him he'd gnaw on my fingers!  Poor Marc, Raveboy tried chewing on his lip while he was asleep, but he woke up pretty quickly so he didn't get too far :p  We have a lobster plushie Rave likes to play with so maybe we can get him to bite on that instead of us.  I'm so glad we got Raveboy, he makes me smile when he's being such a silly kitty.

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July 2nd, 2010

01:36 pm - Kitties!!
 Well, last night was a bust.  The manicotti came out horrid and the recipe I used for the sugar cookies said id get 30, but only 17 were made.  Tonight we'll be looking at kitties and have 2 names picked out.  If it's a girl her name will be Duckie, if it's a boy his name will be Raveboy Binx.  I'm hoping that they have bombay kittens, because they are the cutest and grow into such pretty cats!! 

Look at these cuties!!  I wish i could have them all XD

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July 1st, 2010

02:12 pm - New Addition to the Family
 Found out yesterday that a shelter is running an ad on Craigslist stating that Cats and Kittens can be adopted for $1.  This excited me very much because I just loooove kittens :D  So I checked the site and it said that they have several Bombay kittens, which is my favourite breed in the whole world!  I managed to convince Marc to let us adopt so tomorrow we're going to the shelter and taking a looksee at who they still have.  I already have 2 cats, both male, so a female cat would be optimal.  Included in the adoption fee is "spay/neuter, vaccines, flea treatment and microchip".  I think that's a pretty good deal.  Wish us luck in finding the purr-fect kitty :p

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09:30 am - Intro
 Hi ya'll, I'm a 21 year old female living in NJ with her 2 cats and boyfriend.  I love to cook and sew, but I'm pretty lazy.  I like to go out to raves and club events and dance.  I have my own business with my boyfriend and we make and sell hair falls and other ravey stuff, but also work full time as a Legal Assistant.  Yup.  

My plans for tonight are washing dishes, making sugar cookies, and maybe making chicken manicotti if Marc (my bf) isn't too against it.  

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